hobby laser engraver

The transition of a technology from a business use to a mainstream use is always enthralling. It invites people to innovate.

Artists Integrate lasers into Their Reportoire, Reinventing Art as They Do it

New technologies can create some amazing new opportunities for small business leaders and artists alike. Laser engraving is not unlike what 3D printing was around 2010 to 2012.

It was only a few years ago that 3D printing was an absurd idea born out of a 1990’s science fiction television show. The idea that 3D objects can be printed from a home office is now widely accepted and also widely used. Small businesses have relied on 3D printers to make objects from home, effectively cutting out the manufacturing channels that these same businesses would have relied on in the past. The same can be said for artists. These rising technologies are turning small businesses as well as leading artisans on their heads.

From the Plant to the Street

The transition of a technology from a business use to a mainstream use is always enthralling. It invites people to innovate. Laser engravers were not always affordable. They cost upwards of $10,000, and only well-equipped and well-funded operations could utilize them. The idea of having a laser engraver at home at all was silly for anyone not keenly aware of what to do with it and how it was to be used. They are confined primarily to in-house manufacturers.

Now, there are many different laser engraving ideas for a multitude of professional and hobby uses. It’s possible to make a small business out of laser engraving and that can only mean one thing in the near future.

Reinventing Art

The transition is entering another phase. Laser technology is now in the hands of the Regular Joes of the world who can utilize the system to create a small business operation. Now, artists can do a similar thing. More and more artisans are actually attaining low-level and affordable laser engravers to make some stunning work.

Artists have almost always made art from lasers in some regard, but it was never this accessible. Art is not traditionally a very profitable venture. Cost matters for an artist and the low barrier-of-entry has exploded the world of art made by different laser engraving applications.

Enthusiasts have asked, what can you laser engrave with a laser engraver? Laser engraving is a quickly growing hobby, and there are some fascinating objects that can be created utilizing the technology. As long as the technology remains accessible by providers such as Boss Laser, artists and business leaders alike will find ways to create.